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Final Fantasy IX Info

Here are the characters and latest screenshots for Final Fantasy IX

Zidane talks with a moogle....

A caged chocobo being treated like a hamster. =(

Uh...I need some help here.

A ship docking at a red building....


With the approach of Final Fantasy IX in Japan, TV's have been covered with advertisements. It shows a Black Mage called VIVI Ornitier who is a favorite of RPG fans. It also shows something to do with a crystal.
The theme sond for Final Fantasy IX is "Melodies of Life" by Emiko Shiratori.

VIVI Ornitier, using a magic attack.

The largest Japanese publication -Weekly Famitsu- reviewed Final Fantasy IX recently and rated it 38/40 which is only one more point than what they rated Final Fantasy VIII.

Here is what's japanese correspondant says:

"The first reviewer really liked how the game moved along, sucking you into the first eight hours without even noticing it. He claims that it's the kind of game that you just can't put down. He also loved the characters and was just plain happy. The second reviewer claimed that the game combines all of the good parts of the FF series. And that while there's no real sense of evolution in the game, there is a high degree of polish. He went on to say that the game has beautiful graphics, enough meat to keep you busy, and gameplay that will just draw players in.
The last two reviewers both were very pleased with the game, the minigames, and its similarity to older FF games and thought it was a terrific role-playing experience. Of all the reviews, only the last reviewer had anything bad to say about the game, stating that he was disappointed that there wasn't really anything new that was brought into the series. However, he added that he loved the game anyway. So there you have it. The rest of the gaming public will get the game next Friday here. We'll have all kinds of first impressions and media for you then."

Thank you, Final Fantasy: Worlds Apart for info and pictures.

Final Fantasy: Worlds Apart


Final Fantasy IX Characters


Zidane Tribal

The main character of Final Fantasy IX, Zidane is always optimistic and always trying to keep everybody else happy. With a bit of a soft-spot for Garnet, Square localisation expert, Maki Yamane, comments that Zidane is "not a jerk, like Squall" and that "He's a player, or tries to be anyway...".

At the beginning of the game, he's only 16 years of age and can't remember his past, but as the game goes on Zidane will mature to become an adult as he tries to discover his past.

--Battle Details--
Part of the 'Thief' class, Zidane possesses a Steal ability which can be used to get some of the best equipment in the game. Also, Zidane can use an interesting tactic where he uses a special move to attack the enemy from behind.

Adelbert Steiner

Loyal to the end, the huge Knight serves as the leader of the only male regiment in Alexandria, the Knights of Pluto. He sees his only duty is to protect Princess Garnet at all costs. Seeing Zidane as bit of a bad influence on Garnet (well, he is a thief after all), tensions between Steiner and Zidane grow throughout the game.

--Battle Details--
As he is so large, Steiner's main strength in battle lies within his physical attacks. The game's heaviest equipment can be equipped to him and he can also learn devastating combination attacks.

VIVI Ornitier

Central to Final Fantasy IX's story, and the second-most important character after Zidane, VIVI is Black Mage at only 9 years of age. Although he is very clumsy, he's an extremely gifted wizard and very skilled at the art of Black Magic.

Like Zidane, VIVI cannot remember any of his past. That, and the realization that he's the only Black Mage not under the control of Queen Brahne makes him to join Zidane in the search for answers, including his own existence.

--Battle Details--
VIVI's main weapon is the ability to cast Black Magic attacks on an enemy. What's cool is that if Steiner and VIVI are in the party at the same time, VIVI can enhance Steiner's large sword with elemental magic.


Princess Garnet Til Alexandros the 17th

As the young and beautiful daughter of Alexandria's corrupt Queen Brahne, Garnet has difficulty communicating, and getting along with, the commoners she has now become friends with after her kidnapping from the palace. Because of this, Zidane tries to educate her in how to go about things more appropriately.

--Battle Details--
A White Mage, Garnet heals and supports fellow members with her white magic, and also inflicts damage with her monster summoning abilities.

Freija Crescent

Long-time friend of Zidane and one of the last surviving Dragoon Knights, Freija joins-up with the party in her search for her lost love.

--Battle Details--
Possessing powerful fighting skills, Freija's battle technique is modeled on the traditional Final Fantasy Dragoon. With the Jump command, she takes off of the battle screen and then makes her attack.

Eiko Carol

Strangely enough, Eiko was brought up by some Moogles. A prodigy child at only 6 years of age, Eiko is the only remainder of a tribe of summoners. Afraid of being on her own, she lives as the only human in a family of Moogles.

Despite her young age, Eiko develops quite a crush on the adult Zidane, forming a rivalry with Garnet.

--Battle Details--
Eiko is obviously weak physically, be possesses ability when using White Magic and summoning healing creatures.

Salamander Coral

Huge in stature, Salamander reluctantly fights alongside Zidane because of a trick the young thief played on him some years back. An independent person both in and out of battle, Salamander relies mostly on his strength more than his brains.

--Battle Details--
Like Sabin Figaro from Final Fantasy VI, Salamander can use Blitz combinations to astonishing effect. A traditional Final Fantasy Ninja, Coral can also throw GP and items at the enemy. He also possesses curative abilities.

Quina Quen

Definitely the strangest character of Final Fantasy IX, Quina is a mysterious creature who lives in Qu's Marsh. Pretty much nothing is known about Quina, but we think it's safe to say that it enjoys eating and cooking seeing as Quina is a chef by trade.

--Battle Details--
Quina's choice of weapon is a huge fork which enables it to eat the enemy in order to learn their attacks.