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Final Fantasy VII Haven
Limit Breaks
Final Fantasy IX Info
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Emerald and Ruby Weapons
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Enemy Skills

With over 6 million copies sold, Final Fantasy VII has proved to be one of the most popular RPGs ever. Reviews rate it even better than Final Fantasy VIII. FF7 can take up to 60 hours to complete without a guide and as little as 30 hours with one.
Welcome to Final Fantasy VII Haven. A site with news about other Final Fantasy games and all you need to know about FF7.


The Final Fantasy VII official soundtrack is available at The sountrack is rated five stars with a total of 85 songs on four CDs. The original costs $47.99.

JUNE 20TH---It looks as if Final Fantasy IX is going to outsell Final Fantasy VIII with 1 million pre-orders already. There is still 3 more weeks to go!

The PC version of Final Fantasy 7 was made by Eidos. The PSX version of Final Fantasy 7 was made by sqauresoft. This site supports both, but mainly the PSX version