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Zidane Tribal
Age : 16
Sex : Male
Class : Thief
Zidane is pretty much a standard mid-evil time teenager. Doing good and having no real memory of his past until a certain point in the game make him pretty much a standard hero. He has his eyes set on Princess Til Garnet. "He's a player". The game stresses that Zidane is "not a jerk, unkind, brat, coldhearted, stuck up (must I go on?) like Squall. In any case, Zidane is an optimistic kid. He constantly cheers on his teammates and does his best to keep everyone happy and their moral of his friends sky high making him sort of like Selphie. He has a Steal command (Mug) which you can use to get some of the best items in the game.  He also has diversion commands such as "What was That ?!"; "Was that a Ghost?!" which makes your opponents turn around while you can attack from behind. Which I believe like in FF8 does double the damage. Zidane is not completely childish character and matures throughout the game, eventually making his quest to find the mystery of his birth and origin. 



Vivi Ornitier
Age : 9
Sex : Male
Class : Black Mage
With the biggest role after Zidane, Vivi (not VIVI) is a 9-year-old black mage who has forgotten his past. Although he is extremely clumsy, Vivi is also an extremely powerful wizard, and like all wizards (Black, White, or Blue) is feared and respected in the world of Gaia. Unfortunately, little Vivi knows nothing about himself besides he is the only black mage, and is not under the control of evil Queen Brahne. Vivi joins Zidane’s side after being caught in the midst of a battle between other black mages and the band of thieves sent to kidnap Garnet. From there, Vivi will aid the party with a wide variety of Black Magic. If Vivi and Steiner are in the party at the same time, Vivi can cast elemental magic on Steiner's sword. 



Adelbert Steiner
Age : 33
Sex : Male
Class : Knight
Twice the age of the other heroes, Steiner, at the age of 33, is a giant knight who doesn't see eye to eye with Zidane. Captain of the Knights a Pluto, the only squadron of male soldiers in Alexandria, Steiner's only duty is to protect Garnet with his life. Tensions grows between him and Zidane as Steiner labels the fact that Zidane is a threat to Garnet. Steiner isn't the quickest guy and he spends a good part of the game trying to come to grips with Queen Brahne's new behavior. Even after he is captured, Steiner is convinced it's a communication cut off and not an actual betrayal. Although Steiner may not have many distinct and specific battle skills, he brings his massive physical strength to the table. Steiner can equip the heaviest equipment and weapons found throughout the game and will eventually learn physical fighting techniques that will cause major damage to the enemies. 



Garnet Til Alexandros 17th
Age : ?
Sex : Female
Class : Summoner
The daughter of Queen Brahne, Princess Garnet has difficulty communicating with everyday commoners after her voluntary kidnapping. 
Zidane has to carefully instruct her on how to associate with and act like a simple folk.
While the Princess does not look tough, she can dish our major pain by summoning monsters. 
She also has White Magic abilities to keep the party in good shape. 



Eiko Carol
Age : 6
Sex : Female
Class : White Summoner
Eiko is the last survivor of a tribe of summoners and is desperately afraid of being alone. 
She lives as the only human in a village of cute little moogles. Once she joins up with the heroes, she quickly develops a crush on Zidane, Eiko is only 6, and forms a rivalry with Garnet. She can summon powerful healing creature and also use White Magic. 



Freija Crescent
Age : ?
Sex : Female
Class : Dragon Knight
Freija is one of the last surviving Dragoon Knights, and a long-time friend of Zidane. Freija is rat-like, and meets up with the other heroes while searching for her lost love. She is glad to assist the party with her great fighting sills and keen sense of street smarts. Her battling abilities are molded after the traditional Final Fantasy Dragoon. The Jump command takes her off the screen where she waits to pounce on her opponents. 



Quina Quen
Age : ?
Sex : ?
Class : Blue Mage
Quina is probably the oddest character in Final Fantasy IX. Quina is on a quest to become a master chef. This gargantuan clown thing lives out in Qu's Marsh and practices Blue Magic. Its weapon of choice is a massive fork which allows it to 'eat' its enemies and learn their abilities (Like Quistis Blue Magic Limit Break). The twist for the character? 
He's not necessarily a he. Square has made it quite clear that no one knows what gender Quina is, if any. 



Salamander Coral
Age : ?
Sex : Male
Class : Ninja
Salamander is a giant, who's look is not very far from his true nature. Salamander fights alongside Zidane's group reluctantly, as Zidane apparently pulled a trick on Salamander years ago, and Salamander is still holding a grudge. Salamander depends on his strength, not other people. He can throw items, Gil, heal the party's HP/MP, and use Street Fighter Blitz maneuvers.